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STO - Security Token Marketing Agency

STO - Security Token
Marketing Company

Security Token is the next trendsetter in the cryptocurrency market. The tokenized securities market will be driven predominantly by the larger vision of growth, trusting investors and the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscapes. At Blockchain App Factory, our vision is to create a well balanced and integrated marketing communication strategy which is aimed towards the ultimate goal of raising the brand value of your company in the eye of the investors.

Security Token Marketing (STO) needs a comprehensive outlook. The challenge is for the investors to find you in the first try. We will guide you to get better results through precise planning and organized execution in consultation with you to build investor trust and help you reach your goal. Our team is well-versed in technology as well as marketing of the investment opportunities through the right strategy to get desired results.

Security Token Marketing Services

Owner’s Manual Audit

If you have a Whitepaper/Owner’s manual ready, our team of expert technical, marketing and content advisors will guide you to make the owner’s manual attractive for investors. In addition, our team of designers will add creatives for a better explanation of the project.


The company’s brand plays an integral part in investors to fund your project. The message about who you are and what you stand for is important to prove your value to the investors. We make sure that the brand integrity of the project is maintained.

Reputation Management

Investors are picky about the projects they chose to fund. Any drop in reputation will hurt the company. We love to maintain your reputation in the crypto-communities, telegram and other social media channels thereby protecting your brand from negative reviews.

Influencer Marketing

The word of mouth marketing is the oldest tricks in the book. However, our relationships with influencers allow your project to have a voice which will drive the target audience to the project. The team includes bloggers, social media stars in crypto-community and Youtube Vloggers.

Content Curation

The content marketing program will help your project build and maintain visibility as a solution provider to an existing problem. The content team is a driving force for your project through an engaging and a value-creating content which matches the goals and strategy of the project.

E-Mail Marketing

We aim to remarket and upsell the value of the project while creating targeted campaigns to the investors. The E-mail blast service is initiated through newsletters, tracking of the performance through monthly reports and analytics.

Social Media Management

The signals received through social media and communities play an essential role in understanding investor behavior especially, the retail investors. In addition, it creates a positive brand awareness and a digital footprint thereby increasing the conversation rates.

Offline Events

Be present in front of your investors through roadshows. These include the leadership team attending as delegates, speaking as visionaries, sponsoring as leaders and exhibiting their future in blockchain & investment related events.

Press Release

Press Release adds a layer of credibility to your security token. We work with leading PR distribution agencies to create a compelling story that provides the right overview of your project. In addition, your passion for the project and problems you aim to solve can be communicated.

Notable Features Of Our TRON DApps

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High-Storage Capacity

Our TRON DApps enable high-storage capacity

Multi-Language Support

Our TRON platform protocols comply with Google’s protocol buffers.

Proof Of Stake

The TRON network uses the proof of stake mechanism


TRON protocols in the TRON DApps application offer high scalability

Tron Dapp

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Industrial Applications and our Expertize

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  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Pharma
  • Energy
  • Real State
  • Food

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